Sunday, March 2, 2008

Savannah: Good food, slow kitchens

Greetings, fellow oenophiles!

Just arrived back from a romantic weekend in Savannah with the hubby, who scored major husband points with the whole trip. I'll spare you the mushy details that I'll use to make my female co-workers jealous tomorrow, but I do recommend the Romance Package at the Foley House Inn , although the champagne carriage ride is actually better in theory than in practice. Carriages are bumpy, and champagne tends to slosh, although our driver/horse pair Julie and Jake were fantastic.

I'll publish more as the week goes on and I organize my notes. Exciting things to come include lots of restaurant reviews as well as a tale of a trip to a winery that produces only muscadine wine. Yes, some of them were drinkable. It was a very interesting and informative experience.

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