Sample and Disclosure Policy

by Leoghann and Cecilia

At Random Oenophile Enterprises, we welcome samples of food, wine, beer, spirits, and pretty much anything else you might want to give us. After all, we have two cats (one diabetic) and a mortgage -- freebies are A Good Thing. If you decide to send us something, though, there are a few things we want you to know:

1. Not all samples will be reviewed immediately, and some might not be reviewed at all. We both have day jobs, and there are plenty of nights when we just don't have the mental energy to do a thorough review. Under those circumstances, we just don't think it's fair to even try.

That said, Cecilia is a small business owner and understands the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to work for no one but yourself, so we will make an effort to review whatever we receive within three months. If you send us food pairing suggestions or recipes, even better!

2. Not all reviews will be conducted while fully sober. Don't worry, though, because our tipsy and/or drunken reviews are funny.

3. Not all reviews will be coherent. If you've ever seen our notes after a wine tasting, you know why. We agree with Hemingway's philosophy of "write drunk, revise sober." At least, we think that's Hemingway. According to Google, that quote has been attributed to everyone from DaVinci to Twain. We will be more specific and accurate in our reviews and won't post til we sober up.

4. If we do review your stuff, we'll disclose the freebie in the review. We promise to try to be witty in our disclosure, though. The thought of some twirp at the FTC getting his panties in a wad about us having fun with the disclosure warms our hearts.

5. We strongly suggest that you not send us wine samples between June and September. We're in Georgia. There are three types of summer weather here: hot and humid, hotter and more humid, and OMG I'VE BEEN STANDING IN THE FREEZER FOR AN HOUR AND I'M STILL SWEATING! We assume your wine will probably love the weather as much as we do, and we'd prefer for it to show at its best.

If you're still interested in sending us samples, please Contact Us