Monday, April 7, 2008

Tasting Notes: Pinot Noirs at Java Monkey's Thursday Night Tasting 3/27/08

Wow, there's nothing like sitting down to write a blog entry and having one's husband come in with a red-stained shirt saying something in a fake Italian accent about having to hurt someone. Unfortunately this tasting notes entry isn't about the Sangiovese brothers or their cousin Chianti, but rather Pinot Noir, who is quite the sultry dame herself. As my wine P.I. wrote to me last week:

It was one of those days in a week that seemed to go on longer than the "Knock Knock" bit on "Prairie Home Companion" or the wait at the doctor's office that's just switched to a paperless system that no one understands yet. Everyone was on edge due to the schizophrenic spring weather, and the only constant -- the pollen that covered everything like a poisonous film -- didn't make moods any better. I hid in my office and studied the backs of my eyelids, hoping that something refreshing would come through the door.

Something, or should I say someone, did.

She wore a pink coat with a hint of rust in it. Her whole demeanor said, "light," "dry," and "pairs well with just about anything." It was like an Oregon springtime had appeared in my office.

"Can I help you, miss?"

She perched on the edge of my desk, peered at me from under a burgundy beret, and said in an accent straight out of those black-and-white French movies: "I need to get drunk."

"Excuse me?"

"It's my lousy ex-husband. He's driving me to drink."

"Well, first I need your name."

"It's Noir, Pinot Noir."


He didn't go into any detail beyond that, but let's just say that a lot of Pinot Noir got drunk last Thursday even without many of the usual suspects in attendance. Here's the lineup:

2006 Ramsay North Coast Pinot Noir, California (50% Mendocino fruit, 50% Napa-Carneros)
Very good. Light, dry, and crisp with a hint of oak, it would be a good summer wine. I have a note that it's "very pinot."

2006 Domaine de Regusse Pinot Noir, Provence, France
This one was excellent after allowed to breathe a bit. It had an interesting butter-tobacco finish.

2006 Foris Pinot Noir, Oregon
This one is a favorite. Try it if you haven't.

2006 Jovino Pinot Noir, Oregon
A little bigger and with some dark fruit. The table said, "yum!"

2006 Araucano Pinot Noir 2006, Central Valley, Chile
This one could have stood up to a steak with its meatiness and spice.

2006 Cartlidge & Brown Pinot Noir, California
Very good with a hint of caramel on the finish.

Overall, this tasting was an excellent start to a fun weekend. More to come about that!


Dan said...

Sorry we missed this tasting - we were down in Sarasota for opera season, but we could have used some good pinot (when couldn't we?)! What was your overall favorite from the tasting?

Cecilia Dominic said...

The Foris, of course! After that, either the Domaine de Regusse or the Cartlidge & Brown.