Sunday, February 22, 2009

Metapost: What I did on my winter non-vacation...

I'd thought about writing a long, drawn-out explanation for why I've disappeared over the past two months, but I'd rather focus on the present and future, so I'll give you a brief overview:

Last September: Started business
Last October: Went on vacation to Belgium for family reunion
Last November: Put lots of time and energy into marketing
Last December: Business picked up - marketing worked?
In January: Still busy, got writing bug again
This month: Still busy with business and writing, but took a big hit with contract work and found February healthcare slump. Sulked a bit. Went on vacation.

Now, back to blogging. Why? Three reasons. First, I enjoy it. Second, I've let my life become unbalanced with putting so much time and energy into my practice. I notice a psychological heaviness when I'm not giving adequate acknowledgment to my creative side. This is important, especially since I'm genetically susceptible to workaholism (that's my story, anyway). Third, I have the ambition of being the invited guest for the "Not My Job" segment on the NPR quiz show, Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, with the eventual goal of becoming one of the panelists. Yes, that's a random desire, but I am the random oenophile.

Also, in order to be consistent with the goal of bringing more balance to all areas of my life, I'm going to branch out occasionally and talk about my writing as well as my drinking. They go hand in hand, right? I belong to a great writing group, but I know that there are others out there with similar struggles who love wine and food, so this blog will be more inclusive of them, too.

This seems like a good time to set out some goals for me and for the blog. Why now instead of January 1? My birthday is this week -- I'm still moving through my thirties -- so that's how I set my goal years. Plus, it feels like I give myself a little extra time, just like people who delude themselves by filing for tax extensions. The government is going to get the money either way.

I'm in a profession where I help people meet goals, so here are mine, in random order:
1. Drink more French and Italian wines. After we get through some of the California ones we brought back, of course.
2. Get 25 rejections, whether from short story publications or agents, by my birthday in 2010. Those not familiar with the writing world may be confused by this one. If you're not getting rejected, it means you're not sending stuff out, and everyone has to pay their dues. That's what all the writing publications say, anyway. I've finished two novels and a bunch of short stories. It's time to stop being shy and really try to get published. I'll admit that my efforts there have been halfhearted to this point.
3. Post to the blog at least once per week, hopefully twice. My tendonitis has gotten better since I'm not hauling a laptop around all day or working on the computer so much.
4. Finish the first draft of novel #3 by June 1. There. I have a deadline now.
5. Lose 15 pounds. What? We ate well in California. Okay, not 15 pounds well, but I've been intending to lose at least 12 for a while. Don't worry, this isn't going to turn into a Bridget Jones-type blog.

Up shortly: Wine, adventure, and chocolate in California

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