Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Random Thoughts: Twitter, A Growth Spurt, and Credit Crunched!

Wow, I've been a slacker, at least in the blogosphere!

The good news is that my practice has experienced a growth spurt. Or at least it did before Memorial Day. Now, between post-holiday malaise and some random maladies going around, I'm having a fairly quiet week. How have I spent my free time? Trying to chase down a new business credit card.

Random rant: Yep, I got credit crunched. I had a business credit card from Advanta. Well, I guess I technically still have it until my account goes *poof!* on the 30th due to their financial difficulties. Seriously, they gave me four days' notice! That's it! I admit, I'm not in as bad shape as some who rely on their business cards for operating costs, but I was counting on it for my conference in Seattle in June. Now I'm going to have to use a personal card for those expenses because I couldn't get a new business card by the time we leave for Seattle, um, today.

Yep, leavin' on a jet plane this evening. My plane reading? Principles and Practices of Sex Therapy, I kid you not. That's the fun of being on insurance panels: there's no telling what kind of issues come through the door.

I'm bringing my laptop with me, so I hope to update my blog as we go, but since internet and time may be limited, I also finally gave in and got a Twitter account. Uh huh, you can find me on there as @RandomOenophile (name: Cecilia Dominic). Now to find a good Twitter app for my crackberry...

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