Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pre-tasting notes: Tonight at JavaMonkey

Hubby and I just came from the doctor's office, where I went to consult with my physician about some minor elective surgery. They have these great signs on the cabinets, "Stop! Only Authorized Personnel Allowed in Cabinets!" I guess they had a problem with the doctors hiding in there when clinics got too busy.

Tonight's tasting at JavaMonkey is Pacific Northwest wines. I'll be tweeting the tasting and will post more complete notes tomorrow or Saturday. If you're interested in getting the tasting notes in real time, you can find me on Twitter.

If you're so inclined, you can even grab a bottle of your favorite Pinot -- Noir, Gris, or Blanc -- and (responsibly, please!) play the Random Oenophile drinking game. Here's a list for tonight's tasting:

One small sip -- remember, we're being responsible! -- for:

1. Mention of Pinot. Bonus sip for Pinot Noir.

2. Whiny tweet about wishing that Canadians were less selfish and actually let B.C. wines out of the region.

3. Any of the following fruit flavors, which tend to pop up there: cherry, apricot, orange

4. Bonus sip for Pacific Northwest fruits that appear: apple, apple, and apple. And maybe pear.

5. Mention of tea, cola, or coffee. Hey, it's a caffeinated place!

6. Any question or statement of how rainy it is where the wines grow, which tend to be in deserts.

7. Any mention of Walla Walla, Washington, because it's fun to say.

8. Hubby whining about not getting seafood like up there. Bonus sip for specific mention of salmon.

9. Fun sounding growing regions like Horse Heaven Hills.

Okay, print out your lists to bring with you if you're coming! If not, stay tuned on Twitter. I'll keep my ears open and will likely be mentioning some of these in my tweets.

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