Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Post of Protest: Seeking Current and Former Alabamians Tired of Home State's Nonsense

This is a letter and petition I would like to forward to the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. Of course I'll include my real name when I send it. My goal is to get enough comments/co-signatures to have them take it seriously.

Dear Alabama ABC Board,

First, congratulations on the strides the state is taking to improve the freedom of alcoholic commerce in the state of Alabama. I was thrilled to hear earlier this year that you have increased the alcohol limit for beer sales, which will allow my mother access to the beer she's missed from her home country of Belgium. It will likely make my father very happy as well.

I am, however, concerned to hear about the ban on Cycles Gladiator wine due to objections about the label's content, the profile of an unclad nymph with a bicycle, which is from a piece of French art from the late 1800's. While I object to anything that will keep residents of Alabama from having access to good wine, I am particularly frustrated about another aspect of the situation.

I am from Alabama and spent the first twenty-two years of my life there. After college, I moved to Georgia for personal and professional reasons. Because I essentially have no Southern accent, I don't have to tell people I grew up in Alabama; I would be perfectly convincing as a Chicagoan or even a Californian. But I do tell people I'm from Birmingham because to this point, I have been proud and not embarrassed to say so. I also am quick to correct people's negative misconceptions about the state and to assure them that it is really a lovely place to live, work, and visit.

Now you see my quandary. I am part of the "Alabama really isn't that bad" movement, and you have greatly set my efforts back. Now I feel I can't even be a part of the "At least we're not Mississippi" camp because Mississippi hasn't banned Cycles Gladiator wine. You may feel that you're taking the moral high ground, but really, all you've done is make the state look more ridiculous than it already does.

So, on behalf of myself and other current and former residents of Alabama, I am writing to ask you to withdraw this ban on Cycles Gladiator wine.


Cecilia Dominic

Please add your name and city to the petition!

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