Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Random Thoughts from a Brain-Dead Blogger

Dear readers,

I went to Chicago last weekend to teach part of a review course for the professional certification I have. Well, it was sort of Chicago. Oak Brook, to be exact, which is about an hour west of Chicago. Alas, I was without a car, and my colleagues weren't adventurous enough to split a cab to go anywhere interesting for dinner, so I don't really have anything interesting to report except that they do not serve Happy Meals for lunch at Hamburger University on the McDonald's compound campus. Oh, and did I mention that it snowed?

By the way, that was the second weekend in a row I got to do something professional and exhausting, so I'm pretty brain-dead and sleep-deprived now. I'm glad I got the opportunities and invitations to speak at those two events, but I'm really tired now. Yeah, sometimes that real-life day job thing gets in the way of good blogging.

We do have tasting notes from last week's Pinot Noir tasting at JavaMonkey, but Hubby requested to write that post, so look for it Friday-ish.

I'll try to un-mush my brain and write something interesting for you tomorrow night.

Thanks for your patience!



Michelle said...

How dare real life get in the way! lol

Cecilia Dominic said...

No kidding! Who gave real life permission to interfere that much? ;)