Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tasting Notes: Rustic Reds at JavaMonkey

Yep, it's time to review wines from a tasting at JavaMonkey again! Hey, at least I'm consistent. For those who don't know, JavaMonkey in Decatur, Georgia does a wine tasting every other week with a different theme each time. The cost is $15 per person, and you get six good pours.

This past tasting's theme was "Rustic Reds," or, as the distributor put it, "wines with a bit of earthiness to them." Hmmm. I was suspicious since I'm not a big fan of the "barnyard funk" flavor profile. Really, how could that possibly describe something positive? Thankfully no wet sheep or chicken poo in these wines:

2007 Sierra Cantabria Tinta (Rioja, Spain): 100% Tempranillo
This old vine Tempranillo made my mouth water just from the savory, fruity nose. It did have a little earthiness, but balanced with tart plum.
Rating: Very Good
New Feature! Suggested Pairing: A fruity pork loin dish

2007 Busi Chianti Rufina (Chianti Rufina, Italy): 100% Sangiovese
Leathery nose. This one had an interesting flavor progression with mild but noticeable acidity, some blueberry, and a little funky mushroom finish. Definitely rustic and interesting.
Rating: Good
Suggested Pairing: Italian meat and cheese tray, especially with salami

2006 Chateau Norbert Bordeaux Rouge (Cotes de Bourg, Bordeaux, France): 90% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon
There was a sweet note on the nose, like hay, perhaps. Nicely fruity with dark cherry, but kind of wimpy for a Bordeaux and had an odd finish.
Rating: Okay to Good
Suggested Pairing: Something with puff pastry and spinach

2007 Odfjell "Armador" Merlot (Maipo Valley, Chile):
The notes promised "pronounced tarriness" on the nose and delivered hints of asphalt. The palate was berries and cedar, but with some funkiness and a hint of clove.
Rating: Good
Suggested Pairing: Braised Pork

2008 Grand Veneur Cotes due Rhone Rouge (Cotes du Rhone, France): 70% Grenache, 20% Syrah, and 10% Cinsault
Okay nose, but not much there. The fruit is a bit chewy with some spice.
Rating: Good to Very Good
Suggested Pairing: Braised Beef

2007 Argiolas "Costera" Cannonau (Sardinia, Italy):
Cannonau is an old Spanish varietal, a clone of Garnacha.
Dark, smooth fruit with a hint of pepper and allspice.
Rating: Very Good to Excellent
Food Pairing: We've achieved steak!

Yes, Hubby and I decided to start figuring out what foods would go well with the wine. He keeps insisting that we have "too much wine in the house." I argue that there's no such thing. The only thing we can agree on there is that we should drink it. So, look out over the following weeks as to how we solve this dilemma and what we pair the wines with.

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Marisa Birns said...

You solve the too much wine in the house dilemma by throwing parties!

I know NOTHING about wine...I drink what's handed to I really appreciate reading your Tasting Notes.

And love the addition of food pairing. More to learn!