Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pondering food and wine to survive Frozen Flakes of Doom!!!

As most of the country is aware, there is a snow/ice/sleet/OMGwe'reallgonnadie storm headed to the Atlanta area. Forget the rest of the Southeast that will likely get it, too… We've got the airport, so we're more important, right?

I admit to some skepticism until the first flakes start falling. You see, I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. We'd get days of hype about the weather, and then it would end up being rain or nothing much at all, dashing all our schoolchildren hopes of a day off. No, school-age kids never seem to get the concept of "you'll have to make it up later." Kind of like New Year's resolution dieters. But I digress…

My parents live on a big hill, and the only access to it is two roads, both pretty steep, so when the inevitable ice storm came, we were trapped for a couple of days. This typically occurred without power because of the following equation:

Ice + Above Ground Power Lines + Trees (Pine are the worst!) = power interruptions. For days.

After the historic blizzard of 1993, which I remember vividly because my high school boyfriend had just dumped me (I later killed him off at least three ways fictionally – fear the pen!), we were without power for five days. It sucked. Probably even more so for my parents, who had to deal with a mopey teenager. Thankfully, they kept one of these on hand:

Theirs was red. We knew it was serious when the camp stove came out and they hooked up the propane. It was nice to have hot food, especially because that was before they had a generator, and the stove and oven were electric. Ours are gas.

Hubby grew up in Montgomery, which was usually below the snow/ice line, so he didn't get the camping at home experience. You'd think that most of our discussions around the impending Frozen Flakes of Doom!!! would center on important things, like whether and how we'd get to work (more important for me since I have my own business, and if I don't work, I don’t get paid). Nope, we've been discussing food, likely because he plans on working "from home" (aka, the pub). Here's the plan:

1) We'll stick to cooking things that we can make or reheat with only our gas stove, using the grill as necessary. We've decided on Duck Confit Tacos and Turkey Pho.

2) If we lose power, we'll keep the freezer closed and put the refrigerated stuff in a cooler on the back porch or garage. It's going to be cold enough. If you try this, please keep an eye on outside temperatures. Food poisoning sucks. It's even worse with icy roads.

3) We stopped off at Ale Yeah! yesterday to stock up on supplies. Sadly, the Gouden Carolus Tripel didn't make it through the night. We do have plenty of wine, though, and as one of my Twitter friends reminded me, corkscrews do not require electricity.

I'll tweet and blog pictures and pairings as we cook. Meanwhile, I hope everyone stays warm!

P.S. As I'm writing this, Hubby's on the phone with his parents, who are in Montgomery. They're getting snow. I hope they have a camp stove handy.

P.P.S. For all you northerners who are scoffing at us, remember what happened a couple of years ago when the northeast got a true ice storm. You can't drive on ice any better than we can, so stuff it.


Benito said...


Here in Memphis we are bracing ourselves for Winter Apocalypse 2011. The reports came out Friday that snow was pretty likely, so of course all the grocery stores were emptied of milk and bread. It's already below freezing today and, while I haven't been out on the road, I'm sure we're getting the panicked auto accidents even before a single flake hits the ground.

Tomorrow should be interesting, but I've got plenty of food stocked away, a shipment of wine samples arrived yesterday, and worst case, I can fire up the BBQ grill. Best of luck to all y'all in the ATL!


Joe said...

I'm taking the path of unpreparedness, hoping that the unaccounted-for contents of our pantry will get us through the whole fracas.

Cecilia Dominic said...

Thanks, Benito!

Yep, Hubby and I went to the grocery store yesterday. It was a zoo. What's up with the milk and bread thing? I never understood that.

I got samples last week, too, but they're a white and rose, so probably not cold weather sippers.

Good luck up in Memphis! I bet you do awesome barbecue. :)


Cecilia Dominic said...


LOL! Knowing you and Heather, you probably have an awesomely stocked pantry. And, like me and Benito, lots of wine, although that gets more complicated with a baby.

Good luck, and keep me posted on developments up there! Y'all get the good snow OTP. ;)