Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Metapost: Blogger's Delights

I was in Ponte Vedra Beach this past weekend for a "consensus conference" in my area of work. This meant that there were lectures for Continuing Education credit on Friday, but then the schedule on Saturday afternoon had the dreaded words, "Breakout Sessions" and "Discussion Groups." Yeah, I blew those off and went to the beach. There wasn't really much to report with regard to food or wine down there, though.

The reason I'm posting is because there will be a "Best of the Oenophile" tasting this Thursday (7:00 to 9:00) as part of JavaMonkey's Thursday wine series. All the wines will be ones that were rated highly on the blog in the past year. I'm really excited because I know I'll like everything, and now that I've seen the proposed lineup, I think others will, too.

So, come on out to JavaMonkey on Thursday and actually taste some of the things I've talked about.

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