Sunday, June 22, 2008

An Evening in Oakhurst

Yesterday evening, Hubby and I grabbed our friend the Crazy Scot and headed to Oakhurst for the James Dean reception at the Seen Gallery for the opening of his new show: "Think Responsibly, Drink Responsively: A Cat's Commentary on Wine Connoisseurship." They had wine tasting to go with the show, but since I had been tasting all afternoon, I stuck with one taste of the Three Girls Cabernet Sauvignon from Oak Ridge Winery in Lodi, California. Big and fruity and smooth, just as one would expect from a Lodi wine, although not jammy like a Zin.

The mixed media show focused on Pete the Cat is definitely worth seeing. James Dean was approachable and friendly, as were Amy and Bill, the owners of the Seen Gallery.

For dinner, we tried Mezcalito's Cantina. The tortilla chips are not great, being too thick and somewhat bland. I'd recommend skipping the cheese dip, which is almost too thick to be a dip, in favor of the guacamole, which was fresh and just chunky enough to be interesting. I had the two tacos meal, one chicken and one beef, and Hubby got the chicken special. The rule seemed to be that beef was spicy, chicken was not. We got a bottle of the Las Rocas Garnacha for with dinner, and it was good, as always, although not fruity enough to stand up to the spice in the beef.

We finished the evening at Palate, although we were all too full for dessert.

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